Bank Rates / Changes API

What is GiraffeSpot?

We are a financial data aggregator, application and service provider with a focus on finance and North American bank rates.

At GiraffeSpot we collect data from hundreds of thousands of sources and then refine, classify and segment everything into categories and vertically specific datasets. Our goal to is make it easier for companies, partners and developers to integrate, enhance and make use of data in their own applications.

What is the rate analysis and change API?

Banking rates change all the time and we are constantly detecting when they do.

These API's allow a developer to track which financial institutions have changed their rates and by how much.

The API's are organized by country, the bank rate type (i.e. mortgage or car loan) and period of time since the change. The period is any one of the following; yesterday, week, month or year.

Changes API Endpoints